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About Personal Security Concepts
Personal Security Concepts has offices in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Largo and West Palm Beach. All our offices have mobile capabilities. Since our company opened its doors in 2013, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services but our services are the best and come with a personal touch.  We offer a mobile service that extends throughout the state to better service our customers in areas where there may not be a Level 2 Live Scan vendor. 

We can fingerprint for all Level 1 or Level 2 background screenings, including FL7's and FL9's. We can also fingerprint in MAP format for FL0's. 

Some of the more common agencies we fingerprint for are:

     AHCA- Agency for HealthCare Administration (PHOTO compliant)
     DOE- Department of Education
     DCF- Department of Children and Families (PHOTO compliant) 
     DOH- Department of Health (PHOTO compliant)
     DHSMV- Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
     DOR- Department of Revenue
     DBPR- Department of Business and Professional Regulations
     DACS- Department of Agriculture                                                                 
     DOEA- Department of Elder Affairs
     DJJ- Department of Juvenile Justice
     Criminal Justice Applicants
     Real Estate Professionals
     Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy Recruits
     Guardian Ad Litem 
     Day Care Professionals
     And many, many more